Community leaders

Institute a Public Health Approach to Substance Use Disorders

Non-violent individuals with substance use disorders (SUDs) should be diverted from the criminal justice system to community-based treatment services. Public health approaches, rather than zero-tolerance or single-approach policies, should be used to prevent and reduce substance use disorders within the community.


Improve Community-Driven Violence Prevention Programs

Community-driven violence prevention and intervention strategies must be developed to supplement policing efforts. These should be data-driven, tailored to neighborhood needs, and focused on at-risk individuals. Community-based violence prevention programs should be evaluated for a variety of performance metrics, including changes in community perceptions (such as fear of crime and police-community relations) and disproportionate impacts…


Explore and Evaluate Alternatives to Traditional Traffic Enforcement and Roadway Safety Approaches

Alternative approaches to enforce traffic laws and improve roadway safety should be explored, including civilian-based organizations to enforce minor traffic and vehicle violations and respond to non-injury traffic collisions. Alternative strategies should be rigorously and independently evaluated for their impact on outcomes, including public safety and racially disparate impacts.