Community Based Violence Prevention

Support Community Programs and Research Their Effectiveness

Community-led, community-based public-health approaches to reducing violence, including capacity-building, should be well supported. More research to reduce crime and the fear of crime without reliance on justice-system interventions and punitive measures is needed.


Violence Prevention Strategies Must Include Resources and Services

Whether operated by law enforcement or community-based programs, violence prevention strategies must provide resources and services to deter at-risk individuals from crime. Communities should be involved in developing strategies and programs, such as focused deterrence, which connects offenders with social, community, and economic resources and sources necessary for deterance, while still ensuring offender accountability.


Improve Community-Driven Violence Prevention Programs

Community-driven violence prevention and intervention strategies must be developed to supplement policing efforts. These should be data-driven, tailored to neighborhood needs, and focused on at-risk individuals. Community-based violence prevention programs should be evaluated for a variety of performance metrics, including changes in community perceptions (such as fear of crime and police-community relations) and disproportionate impacts…