Develop a Data Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination Plan

To increase transparency, a comprehensive plan should be developed for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data, at the incident level, on traffic stops, pedestrian stops, crime incidents, arrests, use of force events, and community complaints. The plan, with input from the community, should include:

  • Performance measures: Agency-wide and unit-specific performance measures that consider input from the community, elected officials, and others.
  • Data collection: A data collection plan that addresses key performance measures and specifies who will collect data, how data should be stored, and what quality assurance measures will be performed.
  • Data sharing: Data sharing plan that includes what data will be shared, with whom, and at what cadence. The plan should also include mechanisms for maintaining the privacy of individuals and adherence to privacy laws.
  • Data analysis: Data should be analyzed periodically to assess performance and identify ineffective or potentially problematic practices and the most effective and promising practices. The results of these analyses, along with supporting data, should be made publicly available in plain language.